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Himalayan Institute

The Himalayan Institute neti pot is a small device that is used for nasal irrigation. Used to wash or flush out excess mucus and debris from your nose or sinuses, the Himalayan Institute net pot is a great way to relieve pressure in the sinuses due to a variety of ailments including the common cold. Whether looking for a neti pot or Himalayan Institute neti wash, there's no better choice than Recommended by doctors and pharmacists worldwide, the neti pot is a natural way to alleviate sinus and allergy problems quickly and naturally.

Using a combination of Himalayan Institute neti salt and water, helps break up mucus in the sinuses, providing relief when you really need it. The Himalayan Institute neti pot has been around for over 40 years, and comes in both a ceramic or eco non-breakable plastic option. Find Himalayan Institute neti wash, Himalyan Institute neti salt and the amazing Himalayan Institute neti pot at today! When it comes to your health, choose!