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Iagen Biologics

AHCC w-Green Tea Ext 180c
C-Glutamine 300g Powder
Cardiokinase 90 sg
SR-Adrenal 120c
SR-Stamina 120c
Iagen Biologics

Iagen Biologics provides a complete system of nutritional support for healing. Dedicated to delivering a complete suite of professional products using the latest technology, formulations, and potent ingredients, Iagen is considered by some to the best finest system in Natural Heath Care today. The latest generation of Iagen products are formulated and researched for maximum results. Next generation hormone balancing formulas are perfect for a wide range of issues, offering both liquid and chewable varieties of supplements.

For a complete superfood blend, Iagen Biologics New Greens is an excellent, well-rounded nutritional choice. With a supreme blend of antioxidants, along with essential vitamins and minerals, the Iagen Biologics New Greens will help to improve your mood and overall health. Cardiokinase is a supplement that improves heart health, circulation, and healthy blood clotting. While maintaining blood pressure, the Cardiokinase supplement keeps blood cells from sticking together and is 100% all-natural, proven and safe. Iagen Biologics was one of the first companies to deliver nattokinase to the world more than ten years ago, and continues to provide excellence. Order your Iagen Biologics products today from