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Soy Sensitivity

"I am soy sensitive and read that phosphatidylserine is derived from soy. Is it safe for me to use?"

This is an excellent question.

Phosphatidylserine is indeed derived from soy sources but it is the phospho-lipid fraction without the protein. Typically it is the soy protein that is the offender. The phosphatidylserine used in Interplexus: Seriphos is purified using pharmaceutical grade processes so the protein has been removed. That isn't to say that we can guarantee that ALL the protein is gone but in all likelihood it has been removed.

One more factor is important. The maximum reaction to an allergen like soy protein tends to be greatest when intestinal factors are involved from ingestion. Transdermal applications usually don't invoke the same strength of reaction as ingestion.

Again we can't guarantee that there won't be a reaction from a transdermal application, it just means that it's far less likely. You will want to watch for any negative reaction.

In summary, the transdermal application of phosphatidylserine in a form such as Adrenacalm, in most cases will be the safest way to supplement. Even if there is a tiny amount of soy protein, you will be less likely to react to it when taking it in a transdermal manner.

We do guarantee that the products you order will be useable by you. If they are not, you can return them for a refund.

Also we are now recommending Alcat testing to see what other herbs or foods you might react to to help guide your supplement choices. We don't have this up on our website just yet but you can get more info by phone. 877-465-0844