TCM Zone Chai Hu Gui Zhi Tang T10C (Bupleurum and Cinnamon Formula) 100vc

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Product Description

Bupleurum and Cinnamon Chai Hu Gui Zhi Tang T10C contains bupleurum, pinellia, cinnamon, scutellaria, ginseng, peony, ginger, jujube, and licorice to support immune system health and harmonize and release lesser yang stage imbalance. Recommended use is 12 capsules per day or as recommended by your healthcare professional. This product:
  • Tonifies the qi of the intervening heater
  • Raises buried yang

Label Information

Tcm Zone Bupleurum and Cinnamon Formula T10C Facts: Bupleurum Root (Chai hu) 7.50g, Pinellia Tuber (Ban xia) 4.69g, Cinnamon Bark (Gui zhi) 2.81g, Scutellaria Root (Huang qin) 2.81g, Ginseng (Ren shen) 2.81g, Peony Root (Shao yao) 2.81g, Ginger (Sheng jiang) 2.81g, Jujube (Da zao) 1.88g, Honey-Fried Licorice (Gan cao) 1.88g. Also contains: dextrin.