TCM Zone Sha Shen Mai Men Dong T163C (Glehnia and Ophiopogonis Formula) 100c

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Product Description

Glehnia and Ophiopogonis Formula T163C contains Glehnia Root, Semen Dolichoris Lablab, Ophiopogon Tuber, Licorice, Polygonatum odoratum rhizome, Trichosanthes Root, White Mulberry Leaf, and Lycium Root Bark.
  • Clears and nourish the lungs and stomach
  • Generates fluids
  • Moisten dryness
Recommended use is 12 capsules per day or as recommended by your healthcare professional.

Label Information

Tcm Zone Glehnia and Ophiopogonis Formula T163C Facts: Glehnia Root (Sha shen) 5.45 g, Semen Dolichoris Lablab (Bai bian dou) 2.73g, Ophiopogon Tuber (Mai men dong) 5.45g, Licorice (Gan cao) 1.82g, Polygonatum odoratum rhizome (Yu zhu) 3.64g, Trichosanthes Root (Tian hua fen) 2.73g, White Mulberry Leaf (Sang ye) 2.73g, Lycium Root Bark (Di gu pi) 5.45g, Also contains: dextrin.