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Therapies for the Highly Sensitive

We have seen way to many people over the years who suffer from extreme environmental sensitivities. These people react badly to just about every therapeutic agent even vitamins and organic nutritional supplements.

Fortunately we can make at least some changes but we have to start very slowly and use non-oral approaches.

Toxic reactions are often involved in the highly sensitive syndrome. For this nothing is better than increasing glutathione levels. Thanks to David Schmidt of LifeWave, we have Glutathione Patches that increase the bodyís own production of glutathione in the cells where it is needed. This glutathione acts in two ways to help improve health. Glutathione activates other anti-oxidants like vitamin E, Coenzyme Q-10 and vitamin C so they can do their jobs. Glutathione also latches onto heavy metals like lead and mercury as well as other toxins and ushers them out of the body, mostly through the urine. LifeWave Glutathione Patches

We like the patches because these small band-aid like devices are energetic and can therefore be applied to the skin or even to thin clothing and then forgot about until you take them off 15 hours later. I mention attaching them to the clothing for the person who might also react to the hypoallergenic adhesive. These can be put on the underwear two or three inches below the belly button. If skin sensitivity isnít an issue, just put it on the skin in that location below the belly button. Recommended use is at least two to three times per week.

You may have to start out with use 3-4 hours a couple of times per week until your body has had a chance to remove large blocks of toxins. Increase the exposure slowly to all day three times per week for at least a year. You will want to make these patches part of your ongoing detox routine. You will notice the effects in your better health but also in the mirror as your aging process will slow as referenced to the people around your of the same age that seem to be aging at an accelerated rate.

The next health aid that we recommend often for highly sensitive people is AdrenaCalm by Apex Energetics. The key ingredient in AdrenaCalm is phosphatidylserine that is helpful in undoing damage do the stress of this highly sensitive state. The body uses cortisol to help manage chronic stress. Continued high levels of cortisol have negative effects on the hippocampus part of the brain that is instrumental in memory among other things. Apex Energetics:AdrenaCalm

You probably wonít be able to tolerate direct exposure to the AdrenaCalm cream on highly vascular areas like behind the knees or the insides of the elbows. We recommend that you start with a tiny amount on the soles of the feet. The active ingredients will be absorbed but at a much slower rate due the thickness of the skin. You may have to use a glove to apply it to avoid absorption through the fingers.

Next up is Oxicell, again by Apex Energetics. Oxicell is a topical application of glutathione and super oxide dismutase or SOD. This is an excellent adjunct to the LifeWave Glutathione Patches but isnít enough by itself to give your body the antioxidant exposure it needs. Apex Energetics:Oxicell

Use Oxicell like you did for AdrenaCalm initially, that is a small amount on the soles of the feet. As time goes on you will be able to use more normal quantities and use them in more vascular areas.

Like the Glutathione Patches, you will need to continue with the Oxicell and AdrenaCalm for several years to get the effect you want. Donít get discouraged and quit after a couple of weeks or we will send someone to your house to slap you.

Vitamin D is also critical for basic health. Not everyone can tolerate the D3 supplements. You may have to get a UV lamp and get 15 minutes or so of exposure on as much skin as possible daily to help boost your D levels. If you can tolerate D3 supplements, you may need 20,000 or more IUís per day to get to a therapeutic level of 80 or so.

Where we go from here will be variable dependent on each person. We will certainly want to see a complete blood profile to see which systems need support.

Thanks for your interest.

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