UNDA Kalium carbonicum Plex 30 ml

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Product Description

Kalium carbonicum Plex contains kalium carbonicum, asafoetida, carbo vegetabilis, china succirubra, and nux vomica to support bloating, gas, aerophagy and gastrointestinal system. Recommended use is 10 drops 3-6 times daily for adults and 5 drops 3-6 times daily for children depending upon severity of symptoms or as recommended by your healthcare professional.

Label Information

UNDA Kalium carbonicum Plex Facts: Kalium carbonicum (Potassium Carbonate) 6 X, Asa foetida (Gum of the Stinkasand) 6 X , Carbo vegetabilis (Vegetable Charcoal) 6 X, China succirubra (Peruvian Bark) 6 X, Colubrina (Poison Nut) 6 X Lycopodium clavatum (Club Moss) 6 X, Nux moschata (Nutmeg) 6 X, Raphanus niger (Radish) 6 X, Nux vomica (Poison Nut) 6 X.