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What's In The LifeWave Patches???

What's in the LifeWave Patches???

We get this question a lot and have tried to answer it in other places on OVitaminPro.com.

Some people have found help using small magnets on their hip, low back etc. Think of the patches as smart magnets. The LifeWave Patches are smart because they are encoded with proteins and sugars that have been specifically manipulated to talk to your body to increase specific functions, like burn more fat, or make more glutathione.

So what's actually in the patches? The ingredients for the Glutathione Patches, the Energy Patches, the Sleep Patches and the SP6 Patches and all the other LifeWave patches are the same in the respect that they are all amino acids and a few sugars. These are modified to change their resonance frequencies depending on the application. The ingredients look the same to the label writing process but are different with respect to their energetic encoding.

None of these ingredients enter the body so in that respect it doesn't matter what the ingredients are the way it does for a supplement in a capsule or tablet. Even if the LifeWave patches contained heavy metals or other compounds considered toxic (they don't), it wouldn't matter from a user point of view because none of these would enter the body anyway.

Even if you cut the patch open and ate the contents you would be just fine because these are common amino acids and a few sugars.

This technology is absolutely unique to LifeWave products. The best I can tell you is to think of them sort of like smart magnets.
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