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Will LifeWave Patches Stay On?

Will LifeWave Patches Stay on in the Shower or while swimming?

As long as the patches are applied when the skin is dry, they tend to stay on through just about anything including swimming, surfing, running and, of course in the shower. In humid climates like Hawaii or Florida, people have found that using a bit of rubbing alcohol just before patch placement can make the difference.

One of the pilot studies done with the Energy Patches was a college swim team. They wore them on the Lung 1 points or just inside the shoulder on the edge of the pectoralis muscles where they would have minimal movement with a swimming motion. All of the college women quickly set personal bests and one shattered a world record.

Beach volley ball presents a tough challenge to patch placement. These women have found that they work best and stay on longest when placed on the abdomen at the level of the swim suit line. For glutathione or carnosine, that would mean on the center line at the swim suit waist band. For energy patches the white one would go on the right about two inches to the right of center and the brown one on the left about two inches to the left of center again where the waist band would help hold them in place.

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