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Apex Energetics Nutritional Complexes

Apex Energetics Nutritional Complexes

Apex Energetics offers a wide variety of nutritional complexes to help you stabilize blood sugar, normalize cholesterol levels, or even just improve your feeling of well-being. Designed to address your specific health needs, Apex Energetics supplements utilize thousands of pre and post blood testing, as well as scientific studies, to design the best possible solution to address your health concern. If you’ve just taken a blood test and are ready to move towards better health, reach out to us. As Authorized Experts, we can help you find the Apex Energetics solution that’s right for you.

Take for instance Adrenacalm, which helps protect the brain from chronic stress so you can sleep better and start feeling more focused. Or there’s Oxicell, which provides glutathione and other powerful antioxidants in a topical cream. Whether you choose Adrenacalm, Oxicell, or any of the other solutions by Apex Energetics, you can trust that you’re getting a quality product to address your health concerns.

Need assistance choosing the right Apex Energetic nutritional complex for your unique health situation? Give us a call today at 877-465-0844. Remember, we’d be happy to help you understand your blood tests and find the right supplement to help you achieve your highest quality of life.

Note: All K-Series products are gluten-free!

NOTE: Apex Energetics company policy requires that clients who wish to purchase Apex products be under the care and supervision of a licensed healthcare professional. In keeping with this Apex Energetics policy, clients may contact us at 877-465-0844 to schedule a consultation.
Acetyl-CH K40AcetylFlo Spray K48AC-Glutathione K88Adaptocrine K-2Adrenastim KR-15
Adrenastim-SE KR72Bilemin K11B12-Max K56B12 K34Brain-E DHA Original K53
Brain-E DHA Cinnamon K65Brain-E DHA Cherry K55Catecostim K-92 90 CapsulesCholestar-RF K27 Reformulated Feb 2015ClearVite-CR K36
ClearVite PSF K84Clearvite-PCHClearVite-SF K24ClearVite-SF K24AUltra D Complex K35
Ultra D 5000 K78Liqui-DDHEA Sublingual K18DopaFlo Spray K49Dopatone Active K41
Super EFA Complex K08Electro-pH K86Estrovite K-5Fibromin K25GabaFlo Spray K51
Gabatone Active K39Gastro-ULC K29GI-Synergy K64GI-Synergy-SM K83GlutenFlam K52
Glutathione Recycler K57GlycemoVite K-85Glysen-Synergy K-79Glutathione Recycler SM K81
Glysen K-1Hemevite K26Hepato-Synergy K69H-PLR K32Liqui-D
Lypomin-LV K33Metacrin-DX K10Methyl-SP K14NeurO2 K45NeuroAmino-SP K44
NeuroFlam K46NeuroFlam-NT K-77Neuro-PTX K47NeuroTrans K42Nitric Balance K62
Nitric Balance K68Nitric Balance SM K82Nourish Greens K67Omega Co3 K-7Opticrine K-3
Oxicell KR-22Oxicell-SE KR70Super OxiCell K23Parastonil K59Phyto-Brain-E K54
Pregnenolone K19Progestaid K-4Proglyco-SP K13Proglyco-Synergy K80ProteinVite K-91
Protoglysen K28Prosta-DHT K-6RepairVite K60RepairVite Caramel K63Resvero Active K76
Serotone Active K38SerotaFlo Spray K50Strengtia Probiotics K61Super EFA Complex K08Super OxiCell K23
Testanex KR17Testanex-SE KR74Thyraxis-PT K30Thyro-CNV K-9Thyroxal K12
Turmero Active K75Ultra D Complex K35Ultra D 5000 K78X-FLM K37X-Viromin K31
Yeastonil K58