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Douglas Laboratories

5-HTP 50mg 100c
Our Price:$46.70
5-HTP Plus Formula 60c
Our Price:$49.10
7-Keto (100mg) 60c
Our Price:$69.30
A.H.C.C. Plus 60c
Our Price:$136.10
Acetyl L Carnitine 120c
Our Price:$43.20
Acetyl L Carnitine 60c
Our Price:$23.00
Adreno-Mend 120c
Our Price:$58.80
Adrenplus-300 120c
Our Price:$36.90
Adrenplus-300 60c
Our Price:$21.00
Alpha-GPC 60c
Our Price:$52.80
Alpha-Lipoic Acid 60T
Our Price:$20.55
Aminoblend 100c
Our Price:$56.70
Amino-Iron 100T
Our Price:$16.30
Amino-Mag 200 100T
Our Price:$19.30
A-Potene 25 100sg
Our Price:$17.80
Ascorbplex 180T
Our Price:$41.60
Ascorbplex 90T
Our Price:$25.00
Astragalus Max-V 60c
Our Price:$28.10
ATP-20 60T
Our Price:$21.90
Ayur Ashwagandha 60c
Our Price:$20.50
Ayur-Curcumin 90c
Our Price:$29.40
Ayur-Guggulipid 90c
Our Price:$22.80
Ayur-Triphala 100c
Our Price:$24.00
B-1 100t
Our Price:$15.30
B-12 500mcg 100T
Our Price:$16.00
B-6 100mg 250T
Our Price:$20.50
Balance Plus 90c
Our Price:$27.30
Basic Preventive 5 270vc
Our Price:$48.40
Beauty Box
Our Price:$60.50
Beauty Essentials 90vc
Our Price:$30.50
Benji-Koji RYR 120c
Our Price:$34.00
Benji-Koji RYR 60c
Our Price:$20.25
Berberine Balance 60c
Our Price:$36.80
Beta 1,3 Glucan 90c
Our Price:$20.70
Betaine Plus 100c
Our Price:$25.20
Betaine Plus 250c
Our Price:$52.70
Bilex 90T
Our Price:$19.25
Bio-Dophilus 90c
Our Price:$21.50
Biotin 8 mg 120C
Our Price:$20.75
Bone CoFactors 180c
Our Price:$52.70
Brain Calm 60c
Our Price:$27.50
Brain Energy 60c
Our Price:$30.70
Brain Memory 60c
Our Price:$45.50
Brain Mood 60c
Our Price:$57.90
Bromelain 500mg 60c
Our Price:$20.00
C Max 90t
Our Price:$28.80
C/Lysine Plus 120c
Our Price:$21.40
C-1000 100c
Our Price:$19.10
C-1000 250c
Our Price:$34.50
C8 Max MCT Powder 290g
Our Price:$39.60
Cal-6 + Mg 250T
Our Price:$21.90
Cal-6 + Mg 90T
Our Price:$17.50
Calcium D-Glucarate 90c
Our Price:$66.40
Cal-Mag 2001 180T
Our Price:$24.50
Cal-Mag 2001 90T
Our Price:$17.85
Cal-Mag Citrate 250c
Our Price:$30.70
Cape Aloe  100c
Our Price:$18.05
Caprylate Plus 90t
Our Price:$21.70
Caprylex 90T
Our Price:$21.00
Cardio-Edge 120c
Our Price:$53.40
Cardio-Stolix 240c
Our Price:$119.70
Cat's Claw 100c
Our Price:$20.90
C-D-Zinc 120c
Our Price:$29.90
C-D-Zinc 60c
Our Price:$20.00
Chelated Magnesium 100T
Our Price:$15.75
Chelated-C Complex 100vc
Our Price:$28.60
Chelated-C Plus 100vc
Our Price:$29.20
Chlorella Plus 90c
Our Price:$24.00
Choline Bitartrate 100c
Our Price:$19.05
Chromium 1mg  100T
Our Price:$15.35
Chromium 200mcg 100c
Our Price:$16.85
Chromium 400mcg 100c
Our Price:$18.55
Chromium Picolinate 100c
Our Price:$20.50
Citrus Solu-Q 30c
Our Price:$37.70
Citrus Solu-Q 60c
Our Price:$69.50
Citrus-Q10 100mg 60T
Our Price:$59.50
Citrus-Q10 300 60T
Our Price:$165.40
Citrus-Q10 60 60T
Our Price:$43.20
Coenzyme Q10 30sg
Our Price:$50.50
De-Mer-Tox 60c
Our Price:$32.80
DEPA 100sg
Our Price:$20.20
DHEA Plus 100c
Our Price:$25.90
Dim Enhanced 30vc
Our Price:$43.80
Dim Enhanced 60vc
Our Price:$80.60
D-Mannose Powder 50grams
Our Price:$52.80
D-Sorb 30c
Our Price:$23.40
Dyna-Cal 250T
Our Price:$33.10
E-400 100sg
Our Price:$37.90
Ester-C Complex 100c
Our Price:$29.00
EstroMend 120vc
Our Price:$55.90
EstroQuench 120vc
Our Price:$65.00
Eye Moisture Support 60c
Our Price:$45.50
Female X Booster 120c
Our Price:$43.80
Ferronyl Iron 60T
Our Price:$17.75
Fiber-Plex 120
Our Price:$23.20
FlavonAll 60T
Our Price:$68.40
Flax Seed Oil 100sg
Our Price:$20.60
Folic Acid 90T
Our Price:$16.30
GABA 500mg 60c
Our Price:$20.10
Garlic (Odorless) 100T
Our Price:$19.25
Germanium 30c
Our Price:$63.90
GI Digest 90c
Our Price:$45.50
Ginger Root Max-V 60c
Our Price:$22.50
Ginkgo Biloba Max-V 60c
Our Price:$24.20
Gluco Adapt 90c
Our Price:$31.10
GlucoBrium 60c
Our Price:$49.30
GlucoQuench 120c
Our Price:$57.30
Glucoset 60c
Our Price:$37.60
Glutathione Plus 60c
Our Price:$35.60
Hyaluronic Acid 60c
Our Price:$36.90
Immunity 60c
Our Price:$32.10
Inositol 100c
Our Price:$28.60
Intestamine 180c
Our Price:$45.10
Intestamine Powder 360g
Our Price:$75.30
Ipriflavone 60c
Our Price:$26.00
L-Arginine 700mg 100c
Our Price:$24.20
L-Carnitine 250mg 100c
Our Price:$38.40
L-Carnitine 250mg 60c
Our Price:$24.00
L-Carnosine 500mg 30c
Our Price:$31.60
Lecithin 1200mg 100sg
Our Price:$20.30
L-Glutamine 60c
Our Price:$17.00
L-Glutamine Powder 250g
Our Price:$39.80
L-Glutathione Plus 90T
Our Price:$39.40
Liquid Vitamin D3 30ml
Our Price:$24.90
Livdetox 120T
Our Price:$29.10
L-Methionine 60c
Our Price:$22.80
L-Ornithine 60c
Our Price:$21.90
L-Phenylalanine 90c
Our Price:$21.50
L-Proline 60c
Our Price:$34.00
L-Serine 60c
Our Price:$41.20
L-Theanine 60c
Our Price:$30.20
L-Threonine 60c
Our Price:$24.20
L-Tryptophan 60c
Our Price:$42.40
L-Tyrosine 100c
Our Price:$31.00
Lutein 90sg
Our Price:$25.00
M.C.T. Liquid 8oz
Our Price:$20.90
Macu Support 90c
Our Price:$35.70
Mag-2: Cal-1 180T
Our Price:$28.60
Mag-Malate 90T
Our Price:$22.50
Magnesium Aspartate 100c
Our Price:$17.50
Magnesium Aspartate 250c
Our Price:$25.80
Magnesium Citrate 90c
Our Price:$18.35
Magnesium Glycinate 120T
Our Price:$20.60
Magnesium Oxide 100c
Our Price:$15.45
Magnesium Oxide 250c
Our Price:$41.40
Manganese 60vc
Our Price:$15.90
Max-Carnitine 60c
Our Price:$42.20
Melatonin 1mg 60T
Our Price:$16.20
Melatonin 3mg 60c
Our Price:$17.10
Melatonin P.R. 3mg 180T
Our Price:$35.40
Melatonin P.R. 3mg 60T
Our Price:$18.15
Metabolic Lean 60c
Our Price:$45.00
Microbiome Protect 120g
Our Price:$44.30
Milk Thistle Max-V 60c
Our Price:$29.10
MitoTone Plus 90 vc
Our Price:$60.30
Molybdenum 250mcg 100T
Our Price:$15.35
Molybdenum 500mcg 60
Our Price:$17.90
Mood Systems Balance 60c
Our Price:$49.30
MSM + Vitamin C 100t
Our Price:$24.00
MSM Capsules 100c
Our Price:$26.30
Nattosyn 60c
Our Price:$46.40
Natural C 100T
Our Price:$20.05
Natural C 250T
Our Price:$36.00
Natures Diet Caps+ 90c
Our Price:$29.70
Nettles Max-V 60c
Our Price:$22.10
Neuro Comfort 60c
Our Price:$30.80
Neurotone 120T
Our Price:$86.10
Niacinamide 100c
Our Price:$16.75
Niacinate 400 120c
Our Price:$42.20
Niacinate 90T
Our Price:$31.20
Niatab 500 100T
Our Price:$18.90
Nutri-E 400 Forte 60sg
Our Price:$42.30
OcuTone 90c
Our Price:$57.70
Olive Leaf Extract 120c
Our Price:$41.60
Olive Leaf Extract 60c
Our Price:$24.00
Opti-Zinc 90c
Our Price:$18.60
Ora-Adren 80 100c
Our Price:$19.15
PABA 100c
Our Price:$20.00
Pan-Ox-5 180T
Our Price:$41.20
Pan-Ox-5 90T
Our Price:$23.80
Pantethine 50T
Our Price:$64.50
Pantothenic Acid 100c
Our Price:$19.20
Pecta-Sol 270c
Our Price:$147.30
Pecta-Sol 90c
Our Price:$58.10
Phyto Shield 63c
Our Price:$30.90
Policosanol 60c
Our Price:$22.30
Potassium Chelated 100c
Our Price:$17.70
PQQ Plus 30c
Our Price:$69.30
Pregnenolone 25mg 60T
Our Price:$24.20
Pregnenolone 5mg 100T
Our Price:$18.05
Prenatal 60c
Our Price:$26.20
ProgestoMend 120c
Our Price:$56.90
Pycnogenol 25mg 120c
Our Price:$67.20
Pycnogenol 25mg 60c
Our Price:$40.70
Pycnogenol 50mg 90T
Our Price:$87.80
Pylori-Plex 60c
Our Price:$62.20
Querciplex 100c
Our Price:$41.60
Relora-Plex 60c
Our Price:$37.30
Rest Reset 30c
Our Price:$39.30
Resveratrol 30c
Our Price:$60.80
S.O.D 100c
Our Price:$31.00
SAM-e 60C
Our Price:$63.10
Saw Palmetto Max-V 60c
Our Price:$32.80
SeasonAll 60c
Our Price:$47.70
Seditol Plus 30c
Our Price:$29.30
Selenium Plus 90c
Our Price:$19.25
Seleno Methinonine 100C
Our Price:$18.95
Sereniten Plus 30c
Our Price:$43.60
Sereniten Plus 60c
Our Price:$82.60
Skin Clarity 60vc
Our Price:$26.00
Stress-B-Plus 90T
Our Price:$20.70
Strontium 90c
Our Price:$26.60
Super HCA 90T
Our Price:$40.10
Taurine 100c
Our Price:$18.75
TestoGain 120c
Our Price:$55.50
TestoQuench for Men 120c
Our Price:$55.60
ThyroMend 120c
Our Price:$53.10
Timed Release Iron 90T
Our Price:$17.30
Tri-Amino 100c
Our Price:$39.20
Tri-B-100 90T
Our Price:$28.90
Tri-En-All 400 60c
Our Price:$50.60
Turmeric Max-V  60c
Our Price:$17.90
Ubiquinol-QH 30c
Our Price:$51.70
Ubiquinol-QH 60c
Our Price:$100.50
Ultra I-3-C 60c
Our Price:$33.90
Ultra Joint Forte 90T
Our Price:$54.90
Ultra Lipoic Forte 60c
Our Price:$96.50
Ultra Uni-Pros-Trol 60sg
Our Price:$79.60
Ultra Vite 75 II 60T
Our Price:$28.10
Ultra Vite 75 II 90T
Our Price:$37.10
Ultra-Ostivone 60c
Our Price:$56.20
Ultrazyme 180T
Our Price:$41.00
Ultrazyme 60T
Our Price:$20.05
Valsed 90T
Our Price:$17.70
Vanadyl Sulfate 90t
Our Price:$17.70
Varitonin 60c
Our Price:$29.60
Vegetarian Enzyme 120T
Our Price:$34.10
Vitamin C 100T
Our Price:$18.50
Vitamin C Crystals 8oz
Our Price:$22.40
Vitamin D 1,000 IU 100T
Our Price:$14.60
Vitamin D 5,000 IU 100T
Our Price:$17.50
Wobenzym N 400T
Our Price:$140.30
Wobenzym N 800T
Our Price:$233.20
Wobenzym Plus 120tab
Our Price:$56.10
Wobenzym Plus 240tab
Our Price:$101.30
Wobenzym Plus 480tab
Our Price:$172.10
Wobenzym PS 100T
Our Price:$54.80
Wobenzym PS 180T
Our Price:$93.10
Douglas Laboratories

For over 50 years Douglas Laboratories has been formulating and manufacturing high quality nutritional supplements using the kind of rigorous criteria that other health companies often overlook. That results in dietary supplements that ensure a healthier, long-lasting life. Douglas Labs ensures that the upmost standards are met by using current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 certified laboratories, standard operating procedures (SOP), and a Vendor Certification Program (VCP). By using the VCP, Douglas Laboratories controls the quality of their product from start to finish, enabling you to use their products with absolute confidence.

At OVitaminPro, we are proud to offer hundreds of Douglas Laboratories dietary supplements, including their #1 rated multivitamin, Ultra-Preventive X. This wide range in vitamin and supplemental support means products that will assist you in leading a healthy, active, and long life.

Shop our expansive selection of Douglas Laboratories products online, or call one of our friendly staff at 1-877-465-0844 and we will be happy to help you!

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