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Bone Health

Most everyone is at least a little vain and wants to look good. Who looks good all bent over and about 3 inches shorter because of osteoporosis. We have seen some fairly young women (30's) with the beginnings of some pretty terrible bone future unless something drastic is done.

Bone health isn't just about looking good however. Some researchers point out that women over 60 with osteoporosis are at great risk for death. Bones become fragile over decades, a hip breaks and sometime in the next several weeks to month the break site throws a clot that travels to the heart resulting in death. Osteoporosis is a killer.

We recommend periodic DXA (previously DEXA) scan of the hips and low back. The test may not be perfect but still gives you an idea of which way your bone health is going. If you are having issues with osteopenia or osteoporosis, you should first be checked with Array 3 from Cyrex Labs for gluten intolerance. Array 3 checks for 24 different auto immune antibodies related to wheat. Wheat is capable of triggering all sorts of antibody reactions and some of the interfere with the bone's ability to form new bone. If your Array 3 is positive, a gluten free diet may very well save your life. It will take a few years buy thousands of women have regained bone health just by this one dietary change. For more complete discussions and videos, see Gluten Resources. Living Without Magazine (August/September 2011) printed a fairly good summary of the link between gluten and bones.

Other obvious basics of bone health include proper nutrition including supplementation and weight-bearing exercise. If you are doing all of these, you might want to add a whole body vibrator to your routine. Whole body vibrators were designed by the Soviet space program to help astronauts regain some bone density after spending extended time in space. Without gravity, bones lose density rapidly. Specially designed exercise protocols help while in space but some of the bone loss is permanent. The Soviets found that 10 minutes on a whole body vibrator could help with bone restoration after a few months.

If you aren't exercising regularly, get to it. You will need to go to a gym or workout at home with some type of home gym arrangement. The best system of exercise is the one you will do. I am a fan of water aerobics but this won't do much for your bones, however. You need gravity to help out. Remember the problem with the astronauts.

At, we have done our homework to make it easier for you to select valuable supplements. You will need specialized calcium support and vitamin D. You will want to strongly consider NuMedica OsteoVegan, D3 5000 and ZyCal Ostinol especially.

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