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Supplements We Use

AdrenalGenix 90C
Our Price:$34.95
Andro Benefits 60c
Our Price:$42.90
L-Cysteine 500mg 100t
Our Price:$20.49
Ceriva 30T
Our Price:$41.25
CoQ-10 100mg 60 sg
Our Price:$42.70
DIM PRO 100mg 120c
Our Price:$97.80
EnzymeGenix 90c
Our Price:$21.95
FloraGenix 120c
Our Price:$31.95
Healthy Eyes 90c
Our Price:$50.70
ImmunoG PRP 120c
Our Price:$31.90
Joint Replete 120c
Our Price:$47.90
Julva Cream (30ml) 1oz
Our Price:$69.95
Magnesium Taurate 120T
Our Price:$21.40
Nattokinase 60vc
Our Price:$30.00
Serenagen 180t
Our Price:$55.95
Sleep Formula 60c
Our Price:$20.00
Travacor 120c
Our Price:$84.00
We are sometimes asked about which supplements we personally use. It does vary from year to year depending on which health problems we are working on but this will give you a good idea.
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