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We at share your passion. It is our pleasure to assist you in your journey to better health and longevity. We can help you with anything from evaluating your recent blood test, ordering our own lab tests, to recommending the best fish oil for you. We are not just a vitamin store but an experienced resource of current information pertaining to living a healthier life! If you are looking for the best Pharmaceutical grade professional supplements like NuMedica, Davinci Labs, Neuroscience, Enzymedica or Lifewave, you've come to the right place!
Our personal brand, BetterGenixOur personal brand, BetterGenix
It's free of offending agents like artificial colors, sweeteners and preservatives We'll be adding more products as time goes on in response to our client's needs!
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They started OvitaminPro as a quest to improve their own health and the health of family and friends. They have been using nutritional supplements in their chiropractic practice since 1980 because they were impressed by the substantial improvements high quality nutritional supplements made in the health in their patients.

Although they started the website in 2007, their road to providing superior nutritional supplements to the public started over 40 years ago. Dr. Dan Schlenger began to learn at an early age that choices in food could make a difference in his health. He graduated from Santa Clara University with a B.S. in Biology with honors in 1976. He spent a year in graduate school in marine science at Moss Landing Marine Labs before starting his degree in Chiropractic Education where he began to learn about basic nutrition and supplements. After starting his practice, he learned how to improve the health of new patients with properly applied supplements. Over the years, as research improved, he had more tools available to evaluate a person's health status and apply better supplements to target specific needs.

In 2000, he was working more with neurotransmitter and blood testing and treatment. He observed that patients quickly became impressed with the effectiveness of this type of testing and treatment. In 1997, he received his DACNB (neurology diplomate) and used that knowledge to start a unique spinal rehab practice in Capitola, CA. He worked mostly with herniated disc problems. Many of these patients had already experienced surgery and came to see him (his wife, Mary also helped him with the practice) because they were still disabled. A large percentage of these people were able to return to a much higher function including recreation, work and other normal activities of daily living. He attended more nutrition-based seminars did more study on his own and successfully applied this new knowledge to their practice as well as their own lives. He translated this depth of knowledge to different, accredited online courses that includes interpretation of neurotransmitter testing and several hours of courses on the diagnoses and management of gluten sensitivity.
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Knowing this infornmation can facilitate many types of economical testing in most of the U.S. and sometimes other countries too. The next step is knowing which types of supplements will be helpful. They believe that only the highest quality supplements are worth taking. Cheaper knockoffs often don't include the nutritional components you need and just as often contain things your body doesn't want such as lead, arsenic, pesticides and other toxins. is an extension of their passion to improve the quality of life of their community. They are pleased that they are able to bring their expertise to many of you in different parts of our global community so that you too can lead a healthier, more productive life. They have a full staff to help them manage the website business while Dr. Dan maintains a full time schedule as a practicing chiropractor and researching and writing about various health topics.