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We are big believers in lab testing to help determine what you need. If you don't test periodically, you really won't know what you are doing. We routinely suggest complete blood profiles that include a full thyroid panel and inflammatory markers. These are the tests commonly left off of the test that are run by your local MD. Along with that everyone should have a SpectraCell analysis periodically too.

Blood testing is available in most states except MA, MD, ND and SD through Direct Labs. You will order your tests directed from their site and not through us at OVitaminpro. Some restrictions apply in NY, NJ and RI. We use Principal Labs in NV and CA and Direct Labs in the other states.

With respect to blood tests, we tend to run one of two profiles. The more basic or level 1 profile consists of a fairly complete profile. The level 2 test includes some thyroid antibodies and inflammatory markers. We usually run the level two profile to get a baseline and if the antibodies and inflammatory markers are within normal limits, we use the level 1 for follow-ups. Unless you have just had a fairly complete blood test we don't recommend spot checks like a TSH or cholesterol. They don't mean much without the other results.

We are only doing neurotransmitter tests in CA and NV at the present time. I will update this page if that changes.

The same is true of Cyrex Labs antibody testing, that is we can only order these tests in CA and NV.

As far as pricing goes it varies with the lab.**

Principal Level 1 $109 Principal Level 2 $199

Direct Labs Level 1 $249 Direct Labs Level 2 $499

Cyrex Labs Array 3 $325 Cyrex Labs Array 4 $225 Cyrex Labs Array 5 $575 Cyrex Labs Array 20 $175

You find more information on the Cyrex arrays at

We also encourage the use of SpectraCell testing. You can read more on their website but the brief overview is that SpectraCell will give you information about antioxidants and your lipid balance not available in a usual blood test. We can run SC tests in CA and NV only. People in other states should call the company for a referral in your area.

SpectrCell results are an average over the last 4-6 months so are valuable in spotting chronic patterns.

SpectraCell Nutritional Comprehensive $290 SpectraCell Lipoprotein Particle Comprehensive Panel $140 SpectraCell Telomere $190

We recommend Enterolab for gluten genetic testing and also for stool antibody tests for gluten and other allergens. If you use the form on the Enterolab page, we will get a copy of your test but no contact information from you. If you have questions you will have to contact us because we won't have your contact information unless you have ordered from us and we have your current information.

You will need to call us to order testing other than Direct Labs or EnteroLab. 877-465-0844. We will then help determine which test best suits your needs.

**Prices are subject to change without notice. We will try to keep this page current but if past history is any indicator, we will get behind on price updates from time to time.