Vitamin D Supplmentation Update

Vitamin D Supplmentation Update

Posted by DSDC on Apr 11th 2024

I am always surprised in my readings to see people repeat the old notion that taking nutritional supplements won't increase your quality of life or life span. I wonder how many studies will need to be published about the positive effects of properly applied supplements to change this reactionary notion.

More information is in on Vitamin D and autism for example. We are aware of the link between autism and glutathione. Glutathione helps in two important ways. One is working as a chelating agent and trapping toxins such as lead and mercury and escorting them from the body. It also works as a powerful anti oxidant accepting electrons from charged compounds and again moving the danger out of the body.

Vitamin D acts to help activate the glutathione pathways. You should also be aware that the 400 IU's of vitamin D in prenatal vitamins is woefully inadequate. Just 20 minutes of whole body exposure to the sun causes a jump of up to 20,000 IU's within 24 hours.

We don’t like to guess about how much vitamin D a person needs. Blood tests are common for that measurement now. One person that comes to mind had battled an estrogen dominant breast cancer. She needed to take 10,000 IUs per day to stay in a healthy range, that is 60-80 ng/ml.

Personally, I take 10,000 IUs three to four times per week and 5,000 the other 3 days. This is what it takes to hit that target zone for me.

This explains whey we have been recommending 5000 IU's for healthy people and with this information we will have to raise the recommendation to 10,000 for adults with any inflammation, muscle pain or allergy.

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