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New Chapter

New Chapter probiotics are made from whole foods instead of synthetic chemical processes. The ingredients are organic, using nature's organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and superfoods. New Chapter products have been validated by modern science and the company's dedication is to the protection and sustaining of the natural world.

New Chapter products are easily absorbed by your system and are gentle on the stomach because they are food. New Chapter was the pioneer in the production of whole food complex vitamins and supplements that were certified to be made with organic ingredients. The use of organic ingredients is better for not only the person, but also our environment. New Chapter prenatal vitamins and other supplements set the stage for a healthy life.

The New Chapter Scientific Team is made up of leaders in traditional medicine, naturopathic medicine, integrative medicine, urology, biology, biochemistry, agriculture, and nutrition. New Chapter is committed to working with its partners to further sustainable agriculture, promoting optimal health, nourishment through whole foods, and supplements and sustaining Earth. Shop the selection of New Chapter probiotics and supplements today here at