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Blaine Labs

We have selected these Blaine Labs products because of their advanced topical pain formulations. Use these on achey joints and muscles for fast relief.

Finding the right topical pain relief cream or gel can be challenging. You want something that will be effective but also gentle on your skin. At, we've found a line of capsaicin creams that can offer topical pain relief easily and effectively. Blaine Labs and its remarkable Ortho-Nesic capsaicin cream delivers on a promise of pain relief for achy joints and tight muscles.

Blaine Labs Ortho-Nesic capsaicin cream isn't like other topical creams. Formulated with green tea, capsaicin, and ilex, Ortho-Nesic delivers soothing results to sore areas when applied two to three times per day. It's a popular clinic item and one that we've seen work for many aches and pains.

Let provide you with Blaine Labs Ortho-Nesic capsaicin cream to alleviate your soreness.