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Proper Nutrition

Intestive 120c
Seacure Pets 100g
SeaVive 90c
Proper Nutrition

Proper Nutrition has spent more than 20 years creating dietary supplements using a unique and innovative process that converts fresh white fish fillets into small protein concentrates. This natural process preserves the nutritional value of the fish and allows the body to easily absorb the nutrients. Their work is validated by studies published in peer-reviewed literature. SeaCure supports hormone, immune, gastrointestinal, and neurological functioning. Available for both humans and pets, SeaCure is available as caplets and in chewable form.

SeaVive supports a healthy immune system using vitamin C, omega 3 fatty acids, white fish, colostrum, beta glucan, rosemary extract, gelatin, glycerine, cod, and purified water. In addition to SeaVive, Proper Nutrition also offers a stand-alone Colostrum supplement to support the immune system. With the well-being of their customers as their highest priority, Proper Nutrition strives to create quality products that provide you with a better life. is pleased to be able to offer these products to you to help in your health quest.