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Genetic Profile

Genetic Profile

You can get an excellent genetic risk profile for a reasonable cost by following this fairly simple process.

1. Open and create an account with your preferred email. For $99 they send you a kit for saliva collection. Return the kit and wait 2-3 weeks for them to sequence your DNA. You will get some fun information about ancestry but not a lot of specific information about health. Like I always say, this is interesting information but not terribly helpful. 2. When you get your 23andme results, go to They will ask to link to your 23andme account so they can access your raw data. You are looking for the Complete Profile. They have other ones too that may or may not be interested in like specific drug reaction probabilities. The Complete profile doesn't always show up. They are constantly working on the site so be patient and check back every couple of days. It will be worth it.

The results you get will be a bit overwhelming but the report does give supplements to avoid and use to optimize your health. Some are contradictory so you will have to use clinical judgement to resolve conflicts.