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Cutting edge technology, Unique in the marketplace, Wave of the future. LifeWave offers solutions for your health and longevity not available from any other source. Increase your energy, effectively and gently detox your cells, sleep better, improve hypothalamus function for weight loss. That is what these patches are designed to do. Some of the biggest names in professional and college sports have found this phenomenal technology and have been using them for many years.

We at OVitaminPro have represented LifeWave since the inception of their public debut because of the obvious genius of the products and their inventor, David Schmidt.

The LifeWave patches stick on your body like a small band-aid. They contain amino acids and sugars modified on a nanotechnology scale to emit specific signals that help improve certain body process like burn more fat for energy, make more glutathione for removing harmful chemicals from the cell etc.. Read Suzanne Somers new book "Breakthrough" to find out more!

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What's in Those Patches?

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