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Bach Flower Remedies

Agrimony 20ml (2Pack)
Our Price:$36.70
Aspen 20ml (2Pack)
Our Price:$36.70
Elm 20ml (2Pack)
Our Price:$36.70
Gorse 20ml (2Pack)
Our Price:$36.70
Holly 20ml (2Pack)
Our Price:$36.70
Hornbeam 20ml (2Pack)
Our Price:$36.70
Larch 20ml (2Pack)
Our Price:$36.70
Mimulus  20ml (2Pack)
Our Price:$35.10
Mustard  20ml (2Pack)
Our Price:$36.70
Oak 20ml (2Pack)
Our Price:$36.70
Olive 20ml (2Pack)
Our Price:$36.70
Pine 20ml (2Pack)
Our Price:$36.70
Bach Flower Remedies

An intimate connection exists between the experience of positive emotions and the sense of smell. Bach flower essences were created with this understanding and a desire to harness the gentle and safe strength of aromatic flowers. The first Bach flower remedies were crafted by Dr. Edward Bach as a means of returning emotional harmony. The system now consists of 38 formulas that may be safely used by anyone, including during pregnancy and on plants.

Among the best-known of Bach flower remedies is the Rescue Remedy, which is available in traditional dropper form, as a gum, and even for pets and small children. Rescue Remedy spray and other forms of these natural, holistic remedies work by providing a quick-acting relief for everyday stress. Other remedies address specific issues, such as inability to focus, emotional eating and social anxiety.

A range of Bach flower essences is also available for those seeking relief from specific negative emotions or destructive habits. When following any natural healing protocol, a bottle of Rescue Remedy spray or other Bach remedy may strengthen resolve and aid in wellness efforts. Shop and save on the selection of Bach flower remedies and flower essences, including favorites like Rescue Remedy, Daydream Remedy, and Confidence Remedy,at OVitaminPro.com.

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