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Ayush Herbs

Amla Plex 10.6 oz
Ap Mag 60c
Arjuna Heart 90c
Ayu Dep 60c
Ayush Multi 90c
Boswelya Plus 90c
Carditone 60c
Curcumin 97 90c
Eleg Fem 60c
Energy Tea 24 Teabags
Flucomune 90c
Livit-2 Vet 90T
Narayan Oil 6oz
Neem Plus 90c
Neem Plus Vet 90T
ProPita Massage Oil 6oz
Probiotic 100B 60c
Prokapha Tea 24 Teabags
Shilajeet Mumiyo 60c
Sitawari 60c
Thyro-M 60c
Trifal Vet 90T
Ayush Herbs

Ayush Herbs creates products based on a simple mission, and that mission is to combine what it has learned from modern scientific research with ancient Ayurvedic tradition. This blend of knowledge, past and present, has helped create some of the most powerful supplements available.

Ayush Herbs was founded by Ayurvedic and naturopathic physicians as an extension of their beliefs that the highest form of healthy living combines a balance between body, mind and spirit. At OVitaminPro, we're proud to carry Ayush Herbs supplements that are formulated to help with that important balance.

All Ayush Herbs supplements are backed with the highest level of quality control to ensure that each formulation is manufactured with the best ingredients available, in blends that address total wellness of mind, body, and spirit. These products offer complete wellness support in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle.

Shop and save on Ayush Herbs supplements in our selection. We carry everything from herbal extracts and supplements to teas and massage oils designed to offer natural healing using Ayurveda and modern scientific research. Not sure of which formula you need? Give us a call and we'd be happy to help!