Popular Brands

Today's market is saturated with hundreds of different supplements, and choosing the right brand for you can sometimes be overwhelming. Not all supplement companies are the same, and it's imperative to make your purchase from a reputable firm so you know you're getting the best products available.

Having been in the healthcare business for nearly 40 years, OVitaminPro's knowledgeable staff is well-informed when it comes to the leading brands. We've forged relationships with many of the premiere supplement companies, so you can count on us to carry all of your health essentials.

Douglas Laboratories is also extremely popular with our clients, and with more than 60 years in the nutritional business, it's one of the most dependable supplement purveyors in the United States. Known for an extensive array of products, Douglas Laboratories has supplements for every aspect of your health.

Euromedica, another trusted name in holistic health, only sells its items through health care professionals, such as OVitaminPro, so you're guaranteed to receive pharmaceutical-grade supplements.

We also feature a variety of products from Integrative Therapeutics, another one of our best-selling brands. With a 35-year history, Integrative Therapeutics understands the role nutrition plays in a healthy lifestyle and offers plenty of innovative supplements to tackle all your health concerns.

OVitaminPro also carries LifeWave, a line of patches designed to help with everything from improving sleep quality to detoxing cells, and this line is very popular with our clients.

We also feature products from NeuroScience, and you can count on us to point you to the right products from this brand.

We even specially formulated our own in-house line of holistic health solutions, BetterGenix, which is free of gluten, artificial colors, sweeteners and preservatives.

Whether you're looking to improve brain health or fight fatigue, browse our wide selection of trusted brands; we're sure to have exactly what you need.