Direct Labs

We are happy to say that we have been working with Direct Labs for many years. It is important for a person working on their health to have access to timely and accurate information by way of lab testing. This is the best way to track the results of your efforts. Direct Labs has made this possible for just about anyone in the U.S. Dr. Schlenger is the medical director of Direct Labs for the State of Nevada. You can go directly to Direct Labs if you prefer but you will find our prices a little cheaper than what's available from their website for the general public. Also you will need someone to discuss your tests with so you know what the results really mean to you and what you might do to improve your health. We use mostly Principal Labs for routine blood tests. Principal Labs testing results download directly to our blood analysis program saving us a lot of time. We prefer to run Alcat tests through Direct Labs. We can still order Apex panels through Direct Labs. Call us for that information. Apex Panel Comparison