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Cyrex Labs Procedure

As mentioned in the gluten sensitivity testing article, we mentioned Cyrex Labs. The procedure for getting tested is as follows.

1. You decide which Cyrex Lab profile you want to run.

2. Give us your basic information, that is: name, address, phone number, birthdate and email.

3. We sign into Cyrex Labs web site and enter your contact info along with the selected tests.

4. Cyrex generates a requisition that includes two unique ID numbers

5. We mail you a blood draw kit along with a copy of the requisition

6. You sign on to with the identifying numbers on the requisition.

7. If you didn't pay online with an order from, enter credit card information and obtain information about a blood draw location in your area.

8. Schedule your blood draw. Take your kit and confirmation email with you to your appointment. (You can choose any other blood draw location but the one arranged by Cyrex is already paid for).

9. The lab will process the blood according to instructions included with the requisition and send it to Cyrex.

10. In about 14 to 21 days we get a copy of the results. We will send you a copy if you didn't receive one.

11. We schedule a time to talk to explain what the tests indicate.

12. You modify your diet accordingly and begin to heal.

Call 877-465-0844 if you have questions. We want you to get the information you need to be healthy!