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Esberitox: Boost Your Immune System Naturally with Herbs

Good health is largely the natural product of adequate exercise and nutritious food, but there is another factor behind these lifestyle choices. Exercise and a healthy diet both contribute to a robust immune system. It is now a recognized fact that some plants contain compounds that provide a further boost to immune function, and Esberitox contains some of the most potent plants that have been studied for this action.

Active Ingredients in Esberitox
Esberitox combines a number of herbs with known benefits for immune function. Echinacea is perhaps the most studied herb for this action, and there are two species of coneflower in the compound. Wild indigo root is an old European remedy for bronchial problems, and research has renewed its popularity. Thuja leaf, which is the leaf of the white cedar, has received attention in recent years for its anti-tumor activity and other properties.

Medical Research
All the herbs contained in Esberitox have a long history of use dating back over a thousand years. Most modern pharmaceuticals are actually based on these plant remedies. Researchers over the past two decades have confirmed many traditional uses.

  • Animal and human studies have found that echinacea extract stimulates white blood cell production and makes antibodies more effective at eliminating pathogens. The herb also raises body temperature slightly, which is stimulating to immune function, and promotes production of both T-helper cells and cytokines.

  • Wild indigo root has been used to successfully treat many infectious diseases, including malaria, typhoid, the common flu, and other upper respiratory infections. Among the physiological effects that researchers have found, this root provides significant stimulation to the effectiveness of immune cells, and it was found to increase white blood cell counts.

  • Thuja leaf extract does not contain the essential oil of thuja leaf, which is largely used for topical conditions. The extract has been proven safe and used for both lower and upper respiratory tract diseases.
Esberitox is a natural way to boost immune function and prevent illness. This can be especially useful during flu season and times when exposure to pathogens is greater, such as traveling.