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LifeWave Carnosine Video

Carnosine Patches: LifeWave Carnosine Patches are designed to stimulate your body's own production of carnosine. Carnosine is key to DNA repair and all detox processes including neutralizing free radicals. Nothing is as effective as the LifeWave Carnosine Patches in protecting your body. 15 patches last about 1 - 2 months. You will use one patch at a time usually on the midline of the body such as sternum or below the belly button. Each patch lasts about 24 hours. For optimum results use one every other day such as every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The LifeWave Carnosine Patches are the Carnosine portion of the Y-Age combination. . LifeWave Carnosine patches as well as all LifeWave products, come with instructions. Carnosine Patches