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Ostinol Delivers Better Bones Naturally

When it comes to maintaining bone health, it's important to remember that our bones are like the foundations of our body. With time, that foundation can suffer from quite a bit of wear and tear. In order to repair it, you need the right building blocks and in the case of your bones, that's Ostinol. As a unique bone supplement formulated to help you repair and rebuild your bone cells, Ostinol utilizes natural proteins that are designed to stimulate the bone building process while giving your body those essential building blocks.

Why is Ostinol Important?

Ostinol is important for good bone and joint health in several ways. Firstly, it provides a way to inhibit cytokines that interfere with your bone cells' ability to create new bone. Secondly, Ostinol adds the building blocks of bone cells so that you can effectively build new, healthy bone. If you're suffering from stress on the bones and cartilage caused by age, injury, or exercise, Ostinol may be what you're looking for to improve your overall bone health.

Does Ostinol Work?

Ostinol uses all natural, biologically-active complex of bone and cartilage stimulating proteins. These proteins have been used clinically for more than 20 years to heal bone fractures. The bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) in Ostinol have been studied for more than 40 years and there are thousands of published studies supporting the role of BMPs in the formation and repair of bone and cartilage. Additionally, the Ostinol formula has been extensively tested and has an extensive record of clinical success.

What Types of Ostinol are Available?

At, we carry a variety of Ostinol products from ZyCal Pharmaceuticals so that you can find the formula that works best for you. You can choose from:
  • Ostinol: A traditional bone supplement designed to help you strengthen and repair your bone cells naturally.
  • Ostinol Chocolate Chews: A tasty, daily bone supplement that contains all the benefits of the original Ostinol, only in a delicious chocolate flavored chew.
  • Ostinol Extra Strength: The same formula as Ostinol, only in a higher concentration.
To get all of these ZyCal Pharmaceutical bone supplements, visit the ZyCal brand page on or give us a call. We'd be happy to help you learn more about Ostinol and how it can affect your overall bone heath.