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Sinus Support

Sinuplex 120t
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Nazanol 30t
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Nasal Tabs 2 90T
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Sinusitis Drops 2oz
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Pyrogenium Plex 30 ml
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Chronic sinus problems. We are sympathetic. You have probably consulted with a number of doctors of all types looking for solutions. One less-than-obvious help is to make sure the gut-respiratory connection is up to snuff (so to speak). In Chinese medicine one energy meridian services both systems. You can help keep the intestinal system humming along with probiotics. Probiotics are nature’s tiny warriors that go to work to actively kill or at least suppress pathogenic bacteria and yeasts. This can do wonders for you sinus health. Trust us on this one.

Chronic sinus problems are a pain - literally. If you suffer from sinus problems and have consulted with a healthcare professional, you already know that it can be difficult to treat. Plus, there are some lesser-known treatments available to help you improve sinus health overall so that you can maintain an overall feeling of wellness. One of those ways is to keep the gut-respiratory connection healthy. In Chinese medicine, one energy meridian services both systems. By keeping your intestinal system healthy with probiotics, you can reap the benefits of both better digestion and healthier sinuses.

In our selection of sinus support supplements, we offer products like FloraGenix Probiotics and Sinuplex to help you care for your systems so that you can achieve better sinus health. Probiotics will work to actively kill or at least suppress pathogenic bacteria and yeasts, which can work wonders for your sinuses. Supplements like Sinuplex will assist in relieving sinus problems by encouraging healthy sinus, nasal, lung, and respiratory function.

For sinus support, be sure to check out Sinuplex and FloraGenix Probiotics. Have questions? Contact us or consult our Health Resources section. 

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