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Why Is My Product A Different Color or Taste?

The short answer is that when you are dealing with herbal products, the color and taste will vary with the time of year and geographical source. This is a normal variation and has nothing to do with the effects of the herbs that we are looking for.

The companies we deal with aren't the cheapest because they spend the time and money to be absolutely sure that you are getting the value you paid for. This isn't the case with cheaper brands. It costs money to have a third party assay the herbs to be sure that the active components are present and that nothing undesirable like heavy metals, pesticide residues or processing residues are not included.

You can expect the color of the capsules that contain herbs to vary somewhat from batch to batch. You can expect the flavors of powers such as Apex Energetics ClearVite to also vary as well.

We order from companies like Apex and NeuroScience almost daily and the turnover in our stocks is marked in days, not weeks or months so you can be sure that you are getting a fresh product from us. Also some companies like Apex mark the manufacturing date on their containers, not the expiration date. We won't sell you a product that is expired or close to its expiration date unless it is clearly represented as such on