5 Important Facts About Health

5 Important Facts About Health

Posted by DSDC on Oct 27th 2023

You are making the older you right now.

Like many topics, context is everything. It is easy to do something that maybe isn’t in your best interest for the long run but seems like a good idea for the moment. It is helpful to keep in mind that what you are doing now will become part of your life in the future or as we say, “you are making the old you right now”.

Without lab tests, you are flying blind.

You can only know so much about your health by a subjective feeling. Sure you might get some feedback in the way of acid reflux, achiness or a rash from something you ate. We have the advantage of having some really great lab tests that can tell us a lot about how it is really going. A metabolic blood panel, telomere test, omega 3 index, neurotransmitter, food sensitivity and so on. The more information you have the better you can dial in your diet and dietary supplements.

The immune system is complex but does well with a few basics.

The immune response is amazingly complex. You can spend a lifetime studying and never have all the pieces. We find that a few general basics are good for just about everyone: vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, melatonin and NAC.

Many problems (not all, of course) can be prevented.

It takes some work but many health issues can be at least modulated by lifestyle changes. We have seen many problem cases turn around with these changes in diet, exercise and supplements. The key word is change. Change isn’t the easy road. Many times beginning by making small changes until you have developed a new habit that takes 3 months or so. Back in my running days, I would at least change into running clothes and get out the door. If after a short run, I still didn’t feel like it, I would walk home. About 98% of the time I would then continue with a good run.

It takes a few months to begin to create a habit. So start slowly with change but stick with it for several months to get the habit going in the right direction.

It’s a dynamic journey

I wish you could just figure out what you need to feel good and sleep great and just keep doing that but it has been our experience that health is a moving target. You will have to pay attention and keep adjusting what you do to get the response you need. Over the years, we have personally changed so many things and I am sure more changes are coming. We have gone so far as to move from one state to another just because it seemed like the best option for our respiratory health.

Keep working at the puzzle we call health and be ready to change and adapt to new information and/or new conditions.