5 Tips About Expiration Dates

5 Tips About Expiration Dates

Posted by DSDC on Nov 7th 2023

What is an expiration date

Sometimes referred to as expiry dates, expiration dates need to be explained. Most clients assume that a supplement should not be used after that date on the bottle. Vitamins and herbs do have a lifespan so this shouldn’t be ignored but it isn’t like your electric car where the batteries become completely useless at that specific discharge point.

Sometimes the bottle will have a date of manufacture. That is somewhat helpful but not enough to tell you how long to keep it.

Last Date To Sell a Product

In general, an expiration date refers to when we at OVitaminPro can no longer sell that supplement. It goes in our expired products bin. We may still use some of these products and some will be discarded, just depends.

Each Type of Supplement or Vitamin Has its Own Lifespan

Herbal Products-About 3 years after manufacture

B Vitamins-Good up to expiration date

Other Vitamins & Minerals-2 years after expiration date

Enzymes-2 years after manufacture

Protein & Amino Acids-2-3 years after manufacture

Glandulars-1 years after manufacture

Liquids-1 year after expiration date

What do I do with a truly expired product

Option 1-Grind up in coffee grinder and add to compost

Option 2-dispose of as you would coffee grounds or kitty litter-ie put in plastic bag into the trash

Option 3-If ingredients are on flush list, they can go down the toilet

Should I worry about a supplement close to expiration date

See the list above. Some products should be disposed of and some can be used for a year or two without concern. You just need to know a little about which supplement you are talking about.

As avid vitamin and supplement users, we don’t get too stressed out about expiration dates. It isn’t dangerous to my knowledge, to take a product passed its best used by date.

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