AdrenalGenix and Adaptogens

AdrenalGenix and Adaptogens

Posted by DS, DC on Feb 16th 2022

The degree of health you enjoy is pretty much the same as your body's ability to maintain homeostasis. An example of homeostasis is your house's temperature. Good homeostasis means that if someone leaves your door open on a cold winter morning, the thermostat directs your furnace to come on just long enough to get your indoor temperature back to 72 again. Poor homeostasis would mean that the temperature goes to 78 then down to 67 and then back to 78 again etc. The health of your house air temperature depends on the quality of your thermostat, the capacity of your furnace and effectiveness of sealing around doors and windows. If any of those begins to fail, you will have trouble keeping your house comfortable.

Your Body is Always Working on Homeostasis

I think you see where we are going with this. Your body works to maintain neurotransmitter levels, thyroid hormone levels, reproductive hormone levels, blood sugar levels, immune response including cytokines (immune system signal molecules), body temperature, oxygen utilization and energy production. If any of these systems begins to fail, you will not be able to maintain a normal level of health.

Adrenal Glands Are An Important Key to Homeostasis

The adrenal glands are part of your body's homeostasis system. In coordination with the brain and other hormone producers, they adjust for changes in your body's activity level, emotional and physical stresses, dietary stress and more. Like your house, if the stresses are within design limitations, you will be able to easily adapt to these stressors. If the stresses are too big and/or too continuous, your body will begin to lose the ability to keep in balance. Lowering your stress as much as possible is a good place to start. It isn't always possible to remove the big stresses from your life. Fortunately, we can supplement with herbs called adaptogens.

Adaptogens Help Your Adrenal Glands Be Their Best

Adaptogens are so named because they help your body adapt to stress to maintain homeostasis. They work particularly well with the adrenal glands. BetterGenix: AdrenalGenix is formulated with adrenal adaptogens to help your body maintain more constant energy and blood sugar levels. Generally you will take two three times and day during those stressful times and your adrenals will thank you for it.