Posted by DS DC on Feb 16th 2022

Any why is that we tend to crave the things that are bad for us? Why don't we get cravings for salad with a light lemon dressing? The fact is that people who are naturally healthy with a biochemistry in good balance do tend to crave foods that will help them maintain health. If that isn't you, it will help you to understand a little bit of why the cravings for things that will hurt you.

Opiate Receptor Activity is Part of Story

Our brain contains receptors for opiates and opiate-like chemicals. Once these receptors are activated they start the dopamine cascade that gives you the feeling of well-being that everybody likes. Some people need a bigger boost to get that feeling and others just a tiny nudge. Let's use wheat as an example. Wheat contains several proteins, two of which are in a complex called gluten. Gluten tends to set off a cascade of auto-immune reactions that can work to interfere with the boundary between the intestine and the blood.

Intestinal Boundries Break Down

As that boundary begins to break down, large fragments of the gluten molecule are able to get through to the blood and travel to the brain. In the brain they attach to..drum roll please..opiate receptors. Now you know why people get that happy feeling when they eat a big stack of pancakes or have a chocolate croissant. The chocolate croissant hits the receptors from two angles, gluten and the chocolate too.

Gluten Example

So when you lay off the gluten containing foods for a while you will feel a little down and your brain will tell you in no uncertain terms that this can all be fixed if you would just eat those wheat thins or have a sandwich of some kind.

Sugar Example

The same holds true of sugar. Sugar feeds the yeast known as Candida albicans. Candida causes a disruption of the intestine and blood barrier as well and when you don't get your sugar the brain tells you that if you don't get some, you will die for sure.

LabTests Help You Understand

To help with the cravings, you will need to have some knowledge of what is setting off the opiate response in your system. Recommended is testing by Cyrex Labs. Arrays 3X & 4 give an amazing amount of anti-body information for about $550. This testing would have cost about $20,000 10 years ago so is a terrific advance to get your life-saving information.

Supplements Can Help

The next step is to support dopamine pathways. Several supplements have been developed with that in mind. Appe-Curb by NuMedica can assist in controlling cravings. If you don't make an effort to eliminate foods that cause these anti-body cascades, no supplement will save you. But if you have taken those steps then you be grateful for having Appe-Curb in your corner helping you overcome those urges to eat what is bad for you. LifeWave SP6 Patches ( LifeWave Products) have also been designed to help ease cravings but from a completely different mode. These are energetic patches that work with your body's own energy fields. Many people have noted a nice tapering off of hunger when using these patches on a regular basis. The patches seem to increase in effectiveness the more weeks you use them. Hope that discussion was helpful. Thanks for your interest.