More Lab Tests Ordered by End User

More Lab Tests Ordered by End User

Posted by DSDC on Jun 10th 2024

Over the past three decades, we have relied more and more on what I call third party opinions, otherwiseknown as lab testing to help understand a person’s physiology. Many types of lab tests are available from routine blood tests through companies like Lab Corp, Quest or Direct Labs, specific antibody tests from Cyres Labs, food sensitivity tests from Alcat, neurotransmitter tests from ZRT and the list goes on.

Most of the time you will have to find an alternative doc to run many of these tests for you. Most docs in mainstream medicine are locked into medical corporation policies and insurance covered tests.

That might work for you but some lab testing groups are interested in getting more diagnostic power in the hands of the individual.

I have mixed feelings about this. I do like a person to be able to get more data so they can better understand their own biology but you just can’t downplay the complexity of human physiology. I have been routinely looking at blood tests for many years. Every year I think I understand physiology a little bit more but there is always more to learn.

This one of the problems I had with the Theranos concept. It would have too easy to make judgement errors based on incomplete or inappropriate testing. Of course, Theranos disappeared for many reasons but I had recommended to friends who were thinking of investing to look elsewhere for opportunities.

BUT what do you do when you are trying to solve a problem and you just can’t get the docs to take you seriously?

Some startups now offer tests that you can order yourself for a variety of reasons including menopause, food sensitivity, thyroid function, testosterone levels, ADHD some type of cancer and STDs.

The home diagnostic market is currently grossing $5 billion a year and is expected to double in the next several years.

You can expect the usual suspects in the medical establishment to warn people away from any self testing. But this only feeds the suspicion of people who are having trouble getting answers from their

Regulation is still not worked out. It is complicated and outside the scope of this short blog.

If you wish to run some tests yourself, be ready to spend some serious time in research and you might be able to find a knowledgeable person to help understand what the test say and don’t say.

There is a lot to know and sometimes you don’t have a good option but to try to figure out some of your issues on your own and getting some data from one of these labs might be your best option at the moment.

To read more, search Washington Post June 9, 2024, home health tests.

Just a reminder, we can run most tests for you if you give us a NV or CA address. Direct Labs has a system set up to help you get your blood work in most other states. You can check with them to verify that they can help you in your state.

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