Silent Nights Patches Tips

Silent Nights Patches Tips

Posted by DS DC on Dec 15th 2021

Silent Night Patches

Q: I ordered a month's supply but only received 15 patches. Where are the rest of them?

A: LifeWave patches last about 16-18 hours so one patch will work for two nights of sleep. It is best to peel off ½ of the paper backing for the first use and then peel off the rest of the backing for the second use.

Q: Can I just cut them in half and use one half one night and the other another night?

A: The patch is designed to work as one unit so the best answer is “no". That being said, some people have reported good results with cutting them in half and just using ½ at a time. There is nothing inherently dangerous in giving this a try.

Q: How do they work?

A: The short answer is that they have an encoded message that signals your body to produce the desired response, in this case up-regulating sleep biochemical pathways. The beauty of the LifeWave system is that they introduce no chemicals into your body but work with your own body's normal pathways.