Top Four Reasons for Not Buying Vitamins On Amazon

Top Four Reasons for Not Buying Vitamins On Amazon

Posted by DSDC on Oct 16th 2023

Who Do You Want to Be In Business

When you purchase goods, whether that be supplements or items for your house, lawn and garden or whatever, you are voting for who you want to be around next year. For example, we have an Ace Hardware and a Home Depot fairly close to our house. When possible, I go to Ace. When I walk into Home Depot, in my mind’s eye I see a big banner that says, “Welcome to Home Depot-You Are On Your Own”. I vote for Ace with my dollars because I can get help when I need it. Home Depot does have some items that Ace doesn’t carry so in that instance, the analogy no longer holds but you get the idea.

When you purchase from a company like or from your local health food store you decide to help keep them in business. We are a small, family-owned company that emphasizes providing the finest products and the best service and support.

When you buy from Amazon, you are saying that it’s OK with you if small businesses disappear and that support isn’t important to you and that you are OK with just being a number in their giant machine.

No Way to Screen for Counterfeits

Counterfeiting has become a problem on Amazon. Several, reputable companies have reported items for sale that looked like theirs. We actually had a person send us “NeuroScience” products for a refund even though they purchased from Amazon. The products were obviously not from NeuroScience as the labels contained several glaring errors. Again, they didn’t buy these from us but wanted us to reimburse them for their loss anyway. You might be surprised to hear people calling us to complain about a product that didn’t purchase from us. Of course, it isn’t our job to fix these problems, only advise people how to get some value for their effort.

The NOW company has recently identified several products being counterfeited. Once they were able to get some of the products to their lab, the analysis showed glaring errors on the labels and rice flour in the capsules. After a few weeks, Amazon took these specific products down but you can be sure the guilty parties won’t stop there.

At OVitaminPro, we order from the manufacturer directly or through manufacturer approved distribution channels. You want to know you are getting what you pay for and that is why stores like OVitaminPro exist.

No information on climate controls

Vitamins are relatively heat stable but do you want your next bottle to come from a warehouse that isn’t climate controlled where it might been stored on a high shelf in temperatures over a 100 degrees, day after day?

Amazon warehouses, from the last information we have, are not climate controlled so this scenario is not exaggerated.

Our stock is in a small facility that is kept at about 75 degrees winter and summer. Temperature sensitive items are kept in our large, commercial refrigerator. At OVitaminPro, we want you to get the benefit of your supplements. You are making the extra effort to try to be healthy and we want to be a positive step in that process.

Zero customer support

Have a question about your healthor your supplements? You can call us at OVitaminPro and we can give you some guidance based on our 40 years of experience. We are more than happy to do our best to help and don’t charge for our time to do that. We do ask that you then buy your supplements from us because that is how we get paid.

The Amazon model is based on volume, that is lots of product sales and little or no support. This has been an incredibly profitable model for a few people at the top. The supplying vendors don’t do as well. And you might not come out on top when you can’t get a question answered and might be buying the wrong supplement for what you are trying to achieve.

Your order at OVitaminPro is being looked at by one of our three staff members and if any problem should arise, you can get a person to help get things sorted out.