Toxin Sources and Detox

Toxin Sources and Detox

Posted by DS DC on Feb 16th 2022

Detox Basics Toxins come from two sources, internal biochemical reactions and environmental products. The basic path to health improvement is to give your body what it wants and stop giving it what it doesn't want.

We Are in A Giant Chemical Experiment

Never in the history of human beings have we been exposed to so many types of chemicals. We have pretty much lost count of these chemicals and only a handful have been tested to any decent level. It has been said that the average person is exposed to several hundred chemicals of types that did not exist in nature and that is before breakfast. A good metaphor is thinking of our body like a barrel. As we keep putting in heavy metals, chemical toxins, poor food choices, stressful lifestyles, medications, bacteria, viruses and parasites, we don't have symptoms until the barrel overflows. Each person's overflow point will be different. This will depend on that person's innate detoxification ability. Some people can run a 5-minute mile and some would be hard pressed to run a 12 minute mile. Some will have amazing detox ability and others not so much. When the day of reckoning comes it results in symptoms and maybe these are not reversible because so much damage has now occurred.

What do We Do?

What's the smart move here? Is it best to do what most people do and wait for a serious problem to arise and then frantically detox? Or is it better to make detox a way of living. Discover which foods you might be sensitive to, lower your lifestyle stress the best you can, get regular exercise, eat organic foods, move to a place where you can get decent air quality as soon as possible and use some basic detox and liver support supplements.

Lifestyle is Crucial but Supplements Can Help

As far as supplements go, we always start with glutathione. Glutathione is the master detox agent of the body. Our favorite for over a decade are LifeWave Glutathione Patches ( LifeWave Products). These patches stimulate your body's own production of glutathione. To give your body the building blocks to make glutathione we recommend that you take NuMedica Liposomal Glutathione along with the Glutathione Patches. To help the glutathione remove damaging metals we like NuMedica HM Protect. Use this with liver support products like BetterGenix LiverGenix and Pure Encapsulations Homocysteine Factors.

You will see other great products on the Detox Support page including LifeWave Carnosine and NeuroScience Calm G . Experiment with all of these and find your favorites and stick with them. It will pay off.