Klean Athlete Klean BCAA + Peak ATP 258g (9.1oz)

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Product Description

Klean Athlete Klean BCAA + Peak ATP Supports muscular performance and recovery. A NSF Certified for Sport supplement that supplies a 2:1:1 ratio of the branched chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine, as well as 400 mg of ATP in each serving. Peak ATP has been shown to support peak physical performance by increasing strength, power and muscle gain, allowing the body to train longer, harder and stronger. Together, these nutrients provide a direct source of energy to the muscles for performance and recovery. Klean BCAA + PEAK ATP is tested and certified by the NSF Certified for Sport program, which was created to meet the growing demands of athletes, coaches and healthcare professionals to certify that sports supplements are safe and completely free from banned substances. Every product that carries the NSF Certified for Sport mark has undergone stringent laboratory testing to confirm content, purity and compliance.
Recommended Use: Mix one scoop with 8-10 oz. of water or other beverage and blend well. This product is best taken 30 minutes before exercise. It can also be consumed during and post-workout. Consume one to two servings daily without food, including rest days. Or take as directed by a healthcare professional.

Label Information

Klean Athlete Klean BCAA + Peak ATP Facts:

1 scoop contains:

  • Calories 10
  • Total Carbohydrates 2.5 g
  • Sugar Alcohol 1 g
  • L-Leucine 2 g
  • L-Isoleucine 1 mg
  • L-Valine 1 g
  • PEAK ATP (Adenosine 5'-Triphosphate disodium) 400 mg
Other ingredients: Natural orange flavor with other natural flavors, xylitol, citric acid, malic acid, stevia leaf extract, monk fruit extract, sunflower lecithin, and annatto (for color).