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Product Description

Health Concerns Mobility 2 is a dietary supplement for joint and muscle comfort support. This blend of herbs supports relief of minor joint pain and stiffness. It can also support circulation to the lower extremities.
Recommended use: 3 capsules, 3 times per day between meals, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Label Information

Health Concerns Mobility 2 Facts:

3 capsules contain:

  • Proprietary Herbal Blend 1,950 mg:
    Chinese Peony root extract, Dong Quai root extract, Ligusticum root extract, Rehmannia root extract (cooked), Peach kernel extract, Bai-Zhu Atractylodes rhizome extract, Poria sclerotium, Tangerine peel extract, Siler root extract, Chaste Tree berry extract, Andrographis leaf extract, Achyranthes root extract, Ginger root extract, Clematis root extract, Fragrant Angelica root extract, Pomegranate fruit extract, Licorice root extract.
Other Ingredients: Hypromellose (vegetable cellulose), rice bran.

Pinyin: Chi Shao, Dang Gui, Chuan Xiong, Shu Di Huang, Tao Ren, Bai Zhu, Fu Ling, Chen Pi, Fang Feng, Man Jing Zi, Chuan Xin Lian, Niu Xi, Gan Jiang, Wei Ling Xian, Bai Zhi, Shi Liu, Gan Cao.