Karuna Elderberry Extract 4oz

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Product Description

Karuna Elderberry Extract is formulated to provide an extra boost for immune health especially during winter months. Clinical research supports the historical use of elderberry. Human studies in Norway and Israel attest to the effectiveness of Elderberry extract in the winter months. The flowers and berries of Sambucus nigra (elder) are important traditional remedies for supporting overall health. The flavonoids known as anthocyanidins in elderberry and tannins in red raspberry leaf are believed to account for their activity.
  • Overall Health
  • Immune support during winter months
Red raspberry leaf may be especially helpful for supporting normal intestinal function. Red raspberry leaf is high in tannins and has a long history of traditional use for intestinal health.

Suggested use for adults: One to two teaspoons in water per day, or as directed.

(24) 1 teaspoon servings per 4 oz bottle

Label Information

Karuna Elderberry Extract Facts:

1 Teaspoon contains:

  • Elderberry flower (Sambucus nigra) 700mg
  • Elderberry berry (Sambucus nigra) 800mg
  • Raspberry Leaf (Rubus idaeus) 500mg.

Also includes: purified water, glycerin.