Lane Medical Noxylane4 Double Strength 50 caplets

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Product Description

Lane Medical Noxylane4 Dbl Strength Your immune system is complex and highly developed, yet its mission is simple: to ensure your defenses are strong. The immune system is comprised of 130 different subtypes of white blood cells, each of which has a unique function. Millions of these immune soldier cells guard your body. Factors including stress, heredity, aging, certain medications, insufficient rest or a noxious environment may affect the health of your immune system. Noxylane4 has been scientifically shown to help support peak NK cell activity plus T and B cell defenses.
Recommended Use: For Daily Wellness: Take 1 Double Strength caplet daily. For Maximum Benefits, follow Noxylane4 Two-Step Program: Step 1: Take 2 Double Strength Caplets twice daily for 3 weeks. Step 2: After 3 weeks, reduce intake to the maintenance level of 1-2 caplets daily., or consult a healthcare professional.

Label Information

Lane Medical Noxylane4 Dbl Strength Facts:

2 caplets contain:

  • Proprietary Blend: Arabinoxylane Compound Blend 1000 mg
    Rice bran
    hyphomycetes mycelia enzyme (from shitake mushroom)
  • HAI Amino Acid Extract (from Sea Alge) <1 mg
Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Croscamellose Sodium, Stearic Acid, Silica, Magnesium Stearate, Hydroxypropyl Methlcellulose, and Magnesium Silicate.