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Product Description

Neurobiologix Glutathione Topical Cream An advantage of glutathione topical cream is that it is delivered immediately into the skin, bypassing any mal-absorption problems of the gastro-intestinal tract, that can be a common occurrence for those with stomach issues. Glutathione is the master antioxidant (scavenging free radicals) and master detoxifier. Is especially potent in detoxifying heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum, lead, and cadmium. It also pulls out PCBs and synthetic estrogens. When cells are rich in glutathione, it is more difficult to intoxicate them in the first place. Glutathione is a tripeptide found in all of our cells. In good health, glutathione levels are high; in every condition of poor health glutathione levels are low. As homocysteine is broken down in the methylation process, glutathione levels increase.

Recommended Use: Apply directly over the liver or on the abdomen, from right below the sternum over to the right side. 1 pump = 50 mg For children 2-11 use 1/2 to 1 pump. For children 12 and up 1-2 pumps. Adults 2-3 pumps over the liver or may be applied on a thin skin area without hair or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Label Information

Neurobiologix Glutathione Topical Cream Facts:
  • Active Ingredient: L-Glutathione
  • Ingredients:
    • Water
    • Medium Chain Triglycerides
    • L-Glutathione (reduced)
    • ethanol
    • sunflower-based lecithin
    • Polyacrylamide (and) C13-14 Isoparaffin (and) Laureth-7
    • Glycerin
    • Acrylamide (and) sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer (and) isohexadecane
    • polysorbate 80
    • Sodium hydroxymethylglycinate
    • Glucosamine Sulfate
    • L-Canosine
    • Xanthan gum
    • Natural Flavor
    • D-alpha tocopherol (vitamin E)
    • potassium sorbate
    • sodium phytate
    • Orange essential oil
    • Lavender essential oil
    • Geranium essential oil
    • Rosewood essential oil
    • randincense essential oil
    • rose absolute oil
    • niacin (viamin B-3)
    • L-methylfolate
    • Methylcobalamin (vitamin B12)