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Omega-3 Index Testing

We generally prefer to get objective lab data to better make recommendations about your supplements or dietary changes. It is great to get meaningful numbers so we can take the appropriate supplements and then repeat the testing to make sure it is working.

For this we use blood testing, urine and saliva testing and genetic testing depending on what we are looking for. One test we really like but isn't very popular among our clients yet is a home-administered finger prink test for the omega-3 index.

Few nutrients have been studied as much as omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids help form healthy cell membranes. You can only be as healthy as your cell membranes.

We can point to multiple benefits of omega-3 fatty acids from multiple peer-reviewed articles. I will mention these as context for the importance of keeping your omega-3 fatty acids in a healthy range. Eye health, brain health (growth and development, ADHD and depression and/or anxiety, age-related mental decline), heart health, reduced metabolic syndrome, reduced inflammation, reduced autoimmune problems, reduced cancer risk, reduced asthma, improved liver health, improved bone and joint health, reduced menstrual pain, improved sleep and improved skin health. I have personally seen big changes in omega-3 levels and telomeres or the end caps of DNA that are give an idea of aging and disease resistance.

So omega-3s are important for your health, how do you know how much to take? A simple test will do the trick. You can purchase the kit at: ( This will give you an idea of how your current diet and supplement strategy is working. If you are on the low side, your health will thank you to move it up. It is easy to supplement with NuMedica Omega 950 ( NuMedica has other strengths of omega-3 supplements in case you just need a slight boost.

After a few months of your new supplement regimen, you can retake the test to see if that new plan is doing the job.

The kit comes with a spring-loaded finger prick device (easy to use). You will smear a tiny amount of blood from your finger tip to the test strip and send this to the lab in the included envelope. A short time later your results will be ready. No reason to visit a lab and the tiny finger prick is worth the health of the rest of your body. Really, not a big deal-just do it.

This is an important test, reasonably priced for the information you are getting.