Perque Adreno Distress Guard 180sg

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Product Description

Perque Adreno Distress Guard 180sg enhances immune function, restores adrenal energy levels, complements female hormone energy levels. This herbal complex combats environmental stressors to maintain healthy stress response and reduce anxiety. Rhodiola and Relora in this complex have been known to beneficial for thier adaptogenic effects, stress relieving and mood enhancing properties.

Recommended use: Take 2 softgels daily or as directed by a healthcare professional. Store below 70º F.

Label Information

Gluten Free

Gluten Free

Perque Adreno Distress Guard Facts:

2 Softgels contain:

  • Rhodiola (>3% rosavins + >1% salidroside) 300mg
  • Relora (Magnolia officianalis + Phellodendron amurense) 500mg 
  • Perilla oil 800mg
  • Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs from raw, palm fruit) 250mg
  • Phosphatidylcholine 90mg
  • Beeswax 70mg
  • Gelatin 500 mg
  • Water 20 mg
  • Turmeric powder 12 mg
  • Glycerine 12 mg
Other Ingredients: None.