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Nitric Oxide Support 162 g
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Nitric Oxide Support 162 g

Item #: PENitricOxideSupport
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Pure Encapsulations Nitric Oxide Support powder supports healthy nitric oxide production to promote healthy blood flow and vascular support.
  • Promotes energy in muscles during exercise
  • Supports healthy circulation
  • Made with hypoallergenic, vegan ingredients
Nitric Oxide Support offers a unique blend of l-Arginine, citrulline, and Vitamin C to support blood flow and vascular health, including nitric oxide production, blood flow, and endothelial function.

Recommended Use: Take 1 scoop per day, mixed with water, 20 minutes before exercise, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Cardiovascular Disease Update 2018
Pure Encapsulations Nitric Oxide Support Facts:

1 scoop contains,
  • l-arginine 2,050 mg (from arginine alpha ketoglutarate (2:1)
  • citrulline 715 mg (from citrulline malate)
  • vitamin C 200 mg (as ascorbic acid)
Other Ingredients: xylitol, stevia leaf extract, luo han guo (momordica grosvenori) extract (fruit), natural lemon and lime flavors.
3 Questions & 3 Answers
Cindy Fitzgerald
from Los Angeles, CA asked:
January 7, 2019
Hello, I was just told that my cholesterol is very high and I need to get it down. Can / should I take this with CholestGenix? I was also told that Citrus Bergamot (from Jarrow Formulas) really works. Don't want things to work against each other, or hurt my liver or anything else, so can you please advise? Thank you!
1 Answer
The CholestGenix is an excellent choice for high cholesterol. I would also recommend Nitric Oxide Support by Pure. One scoop a day in water can really help bring down high LDL. Which looks like you might already be taking. I am not familiar with the Jarrow product.
Submitted by: Mary Schlenger on January 8, 2019

from LITTLETON, CO asked:
July 1, 2018
I have high cholesterol, a family of heart disease, and high numbers for the LDL's. My doctor wants me to start statins but I asked if I could try the red yeast rice and see if it helps. I have been on the CholestGenix for a month and need to reorder but now wondering if the Nitric Oxide Support would help lower the numbers even more along with the CholestGenix. I also have hashimoto's disease/hypothyroidism and am on Levothyroxine. Should I wait a certain amount of time before I take either one of these supplements after taking my thyroid meds? Thanks!
1 Answer
The red yeast rice in Cholestgenix is very effective for some people to help keep their lipid numbers in a good range. You will need to experiment to see what it does for you. Some people need to add in fish oil and/or intermittent fasting to keep your lipids happy. As always, you will need to test, treat and retest. That is the general rule. We are big fans of Pure Encaps Nitric Oxide Support for a whole host of reasons. This will help keep your arteries flexible and help keep your heart rhythm normal too. It also helps maintain erectile tissue and helps remove plaques and deposits in the arteries. Usually NO support doesn't really fix the lipid problem but will probably help your heart in ways that no statin could. If, for some reason, you decide to use a statin, make absolutely sure that you take you CoQ-10 (maybe 200mg per day) to avoid most of the nasty negative effects that we see too often. I don't know that timing is important wrt to thyroid meds and the supplements. I wouldn't worry about that.
Submitted by: Mary Schlenger on July 9, 2018

from Pierce City, MO asked:
June 9, 2016
I have a complicated health history. I know NO is touted as being very beneficial, but I used a Photon Genius (where I initially heard the raving on NO) for LD and the treatment at first fully paralyzed on the right-side of my body (I have/had damage to the connective tissue on my right-side from a childhood TBI accident). Therefore, I question the use of a NO supplement. Do you think NO Support could be of benefit since the worsening I got from the Photon Genius which claims 2 produce NO. I am still in a wheelchair and can't walk since The PG incident. I attached a picture if you are unfamiliar w/ a PG.
1 Answer
Sorry to hear about the problems with the PG. We don‚€™t have any experience using this device so can‚€™t comment specifically but it seems unlikely that the production of NO would be the mechanism of injury. NO is necessary for the function of every cell in the body. It is easy to start adding NO support slowly and work up as you monitor your body‚€™s reaction. We have had excellent results with Pure Encapsulations Nitric Oxide Support. For you and anyone not in the best of shape physiologically to begin with a quarter scoop once or twice a day and work up to two or three scoops per day over a period of several weeks. If you notice any kind of negative reaction, you can always back off for a few days and then try again. I would guess that if you start slowly, you won‚€™t have any problems and will be able to increase your dose to a more normal level within a few weeks without incident.
Submitted by: Customer Service on June 14, 2016

Product Reviews

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100% Recommend this product (6 of 6 responses)
By Christina
Boca Raton
My Husband's Labs Were the Best in a Long Time!
March 1, 2019
Yay! Okay so we bought this product upon Mary's suggestion just to give my husband a bit of Vitamin C during flu season and to help him with his cholesterol issues. Also, we just started to work out again so this product really excited me.

However, his cholesterol lab we just got was the best in a long time! I know products along with diet and exercise all converge and it is hard to see what if this product was the sole game changer in his glowing lab report, but I have to say it is the perfect flu season product and easy to hide in a smoothie or glass of lemon water.

I am so happy I found it and may start taking it myself for my LDL which was not as good as I had expected on my own lab report.
Merchant Response:There are studies that show that l arginine which is in the nitric oxide support can lower total cholesterol by 7%, raise the good cholesterol HDL by 9% and even helps with high triglycerides!
ProsPrice Convenience as does not need refrigeration Vitamin C is a great bonus in it
By Ann
Extremely Happy
May 3, 2018
This product has turned my cholesterol numbers around to the point that my doctor asked for the name of it!
By Fran W.
Stuart, FL
This product helped to lower my cholesterol levels along with taking the red rice yeast.
December 5, 2017
I took this faithfully twice a day for 6 months with good results. I've just finished my second round
of 6 months and was only taking it once a day. I had my blood test this morning and will know next week the
results. Hopefully it will be a little lower than the 214 from last test.

Easy to take, I just mixed in water. No side effects of any kind. Pleasant tasting.
By Running g.
Great alternative
November 11, 2017
I used NitroQuick prior to using this. The great people at Vitamin Pro recommended this product as an alternative and I love it. I would recommend this product.
By Michael
Great so far
September 28, 2017
Product is easy to drink
By Joe C.
Chino Hills, CA
Hosehead's Review
September 21, 2017
It lowered my triglycerides quickly.
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