Pharmax Broad Spectrum Complex 60c

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Product Description

Complex botanical formulation
  • Contains a blend of barberry, garlic, goldenseal, and wormwood
  • Includes ingredients traditionally used to support gastrointestinal health and digestive function*
Formulated with herbs traditionally used to support immune function* Broad Spectrum Complex contains a unique combination of oils and herbal extracts, including barberry, freeze-dried garlic, goldenseal, and wormwood, which have traditionally been used to support digestive and immune health

Label Information

Broad Spectrum Complex 60c Facts:

1 Capsule contains:

  • Barberry bark standardized extract 200mg,(Berberis vulgaris)12mg
  • Goldenseal standardized extract 50mg,(Hydrastis canadensis)
  • Freeze dried garlic clove 200mg,(Allium sativum),providing 20,000ppm (2mg)
  • Wormwood leaf/flowering tops oil 16.7mg (Artemisia Absinthium)
Other ingredients: Hypromellose, silica, vegetable magnesium stearate.