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Prevagen: Excellent for the Memory

The brain is the most important part of our bodies, for it controls everything we do. Our brains need calcium to stay healthy and function properly, as calcium is the intermediary in intracellular communication. As important as this is, it is critical that a protective protein in the brain regulate calcium, for if there is too much, brain cells die.

The Aging Brain As we age, especially after the age of 40, the brain manufactures less of these protective proteins. This leaves the brain vulnerable to toxic levels of calcium. At this point, 30,000 to 50,000 brain cells per day begin to die. If you start experiencing memory loss, focus and concentration, you are most likely experiencing loss of your brain's protective proteins. That's where Prevagen comes in - it's a supplement that helps our brains perform at their peak.

Protecting the Brain Prevagen is a supplement specifically manufactured for the brain. It improves short-term memory, learning ability and word recall. The active ingredient is apoaequorin, which is a calcium binding protein found in jellyfish called Aequorea.

Apoaequorin, although found in the simplest fish in the sea, is a suitable match for human brain proteins. According to the University of Wisconsin, Prevagen saved 50 percent of brain cells from dying in a pre-treatment study.

Scientific Study A 90-day Prevagen Quality of Life study was conducted on 56 healthy participants. Changes in cognition, quality of sleep, energy, mood, pain and overall health was measured. Every variable showed improvement, especially a clear improvement in the area of memory.

  • By day 60, improved memory was evident for 63 percent of participants
  • Within 90 days, recall of words improved in 74 percent of participants.
  • On the 90th day, 80 percent of participants conducted routine activities with fewer reminders.
  • Overall memory increased for 57 percent of participants.
  • Remembering information improved for 51 percent of participants.
  • Directions on the road were better remembered for 84 per cent of participants.
  • Word recall increased for 66 percent of participants.
The significant results of this study on Prevagen show promise for aging people and for those with neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's. Professor Osamu Shimomura, from the Marine Biological Laboratory in Boston, discovered the active ingredient in Prevagen. He was recently awarded the Nobel Prize for his work.