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If have dealt with cravings you know how overwhelming they can be. Cravings represent an imbalance in your physiology somewhere. Some of that imbalance may be in part due to genetic factors and some can be due to alterations in your biochemistry due to a combination of factors including foods, chemicals, heavy metals and of course emotional factors. Hopefully you are working on those emotional factors as we can't do much for that. We can help with helping you sort out some of the physical factors and help with some basic supplements. Daxitrol and the SP6 Patches can make a difference and take the edge off some of those cravings.

It's important to control cravings if you're working toward a weight loss or wellness goal, however, you don't have to do it on will power alone. Cravings represent an imbalance in your physiology somewhere, caused by factors ranging from genetics to your dietary choices. With the right supplements, you can control cravings and stay on track when it comes to your diet. At, we carry nutritional support supplements like Daxitrol and SP6 Patches to help you take the edge off some of those cravings.

SP6 Patches help you lose weight and improve your health by naturally controlling your appetite in an easy to wear patch. Daxitrol is another great supplement to try, as this potent formula works with your body's chemistry to bring your dopamine, serotonin, and acetylcholine into balance. Imbalances in these neurotransmitters are usually associated with cravings but can be combated with natural supplements like Daxitrol. 

For natural weight loss assistance and help controlling your cravings, trust the supplements at Have questions? Need help? Feel free to contact us. For a more complete general discussion of cravings see Health Resources: Cravings Basics.